Australian made socks are really easy to buy online from the Sock Revolution website. You only need to select what you want your sock made from (natural fibres are best – wool, cotton or alpaca), and pick a Style, a size (usually small, medium or large), and a colour or pattern.
Sock Revolution’s online sock buying site comprises only the high-quality socks made entirely in Australia by Humphrey Law, a family business that has been making socks in their Melbourne factory since 1947. That involves knitting, dying, pressing, grading and packing, all done by Australian taxpayers!
Humphrey Law’s range is extensive and it is difficult for retail stores to stock all of them. But this is not a problem with online sock buying. Sock Revolution has the whole range of Humphrey Law socks available for buying online.
Buying socks online is also a quick and convenient way of getting your socks. Sock Revolution packs and posts their orders on the day they are received. Then it’s up to Australia Post, but Melbourne customers often get next-day delivery, with adjacent States usually getting their online purchased socks within 3 days.
If you plan ahead, you can ensure that birthdays will never be a disappointment. You can schedule your online sock buying so that the socks arrive with enough time for you to gift wrap them. And the when the recipient finds she or he has been given Australian made socks, their joy will be unbounded! (Well, they’ll be pleased you are buying Australian socks online anyway.)
Check out our website and see all the different sock Styles you can easily buy online. Business, casual, work or sports socks are all there in a variety of colours and patterns, and online sock buying makes it really easy to select as all those colours and patterns can be examined on-screen.
Humphrey Law also makes specially designed socks that can be bought online. There is the Genuine Army Sock developed for, and now worn by Australian Defence Force personnel. And the Feet First sock which is designed for wearing with steel-capped boots having extra wool cushioning over the toes. As part of the Humphrey Law range, these socks are readily available for buying online with a few mouse clicks!
Buying socks online makes sense, is straightforward, and can actually be fun. Of course there are many sites you can buy socks online but if you want to get genuinely Australian made socks ,Sock Revolution is undoubtedly the best site to visit. Come and see the best socks online made with natural products. Sorry, if you want synthetic socks like rayon made from bamboo or woodchips you will not find them on our online shopping site.