Sock definitions


The easiest way to find your foot size is to stand on a ruler, and measure the longest part of your foot in centimetres. Standard sock sizes are shown below. Click here for information on extra large sizes.

95% Wool

The more wool in a sock, the more comfortable and warm it is. So a 95% Wool blend makes a warm luxurious sock, however longer wear is achieved with a greater synthetic fibre component meaning that a 60% Wool/40% Nylon sock of similar thickness will last longer than its 95% cousin.

Wool Cushion Sole

Wool is the best fibre for cushioning because wool fibres are resilient and will not “lie down and die” as most other fibres do. A wool cushion sole adds softness under the foot and absorbs moisture keeping feet dry and comfortable.

Mercerised Cotton

In 1844 the English calico printer, John Mercer, observed that cotton went through some fundamental changes when treated with concentrated caustic soda. The cotton fibres become straighter, stronger and take on a sheen or lustre. That treatment, now called “mercerising”, improves the strength, abrasion resistance and moisture absorbency of cotton, and allows us to dye […]

Low Presssure

Our low pressure socks are knitted with ribs which give a maximum sideways stretch thus reducing pressure on the lower leg. They rely on the synthetic fibre for the stretch as it produces the lowest pressure on leg and foot, and may assist circulation problems.

Leg Length

The length of a sock is measured on the leg, from the floor to the top of the sock. Measuring the length of a sock as it sits on-the-shelf will not produce an accurate result. The “relaxed” shelf leg length varies according to the amount of lycra in the sock, the thickness of the sock […]

Health Sock®

In 1984 Humphrey Law trademarked “The Health Sock”, after developing a sock without a tight elastic top that does not restrict circulation yet does not slip down into the shoe. Many imitations of the Health Sock® can now be found but they are not made with the care and skill that we employ. Apart from […]

Fine Merino Wool

The fine merino wool used in our socks is specially selected fine long fibre, strong 19.5 micron merino fleece wool we source direct from the WoolConnect group of farmers in New South Wales. It has a 98% comfort factor which means it will not prickle or itch sensitive skin. It will not shrink and the […]


CoolMax® is a uniquely engineered high tech yarn that stays soft and non-chafing while wicking moisture away from the skin. So when the body perspires the unique four-channel CoolMax® fibres move the moisture quickly away from the skin to the outer layer of the sock. CoolMax® is a DuPont registered trademark.