Health Sock®

In 1984 Humphrey Law trademarked “The Health Sock”, after developing a sock without a tight elastic top that does not restrict circulation yet does not slip down into the shoe.

Many imitations of the Health Sock® can now be found but they are not made with the care and skill that we employ. Apart from spinning the optimum combinations of natural fibre yarns, we use special graduated knitting techniques – tighter at the ankle than at the top – to match the natural taper of the leg. Thus the Health Sock® “hugs” the lower leg removing the need for tight elastic around the top of the sock.

When our labels read “No Elastic” we have used the synthetic fibre to achieve stretch. The No Elastic styles have the lowest possible leg and foot pressure as elastomeric fibres are avoided. Our sock styles that do contain some elastomeric fibre are labelled “No Tight Elastic”.