Leg Length

The length of a sock is measured on the leg, from the floor to the top of the sock. Measuring the length of a sock as it sits on-the-shelf will not produce an accurate result. The “relaxed” shelf leg length of a sock can vary according to the thickness of the sock, the time it has sat on the shelf and the amount of lycra in it.
Most socks – those with a “C” as the third character of the full Style code – have leg lengths around 18 to 22cm (Ladies’) or around 22 to 26cm (men’s) depending on their contents.
Our men’s half-hose socks have a leg length of 45cm which means that they come to just below the knee, they are Styles 11H and 31H. The ladies half-hose sock is Style 86H and is 40cm long.
The cotton walk socks (Styles 35W and 54W) have considerable stretch and while they can look short on the shelf their leg length when worn is 45cm.
Mid-calf socks are about 35cm long. They are Style 31F and Style 22H.
Ankle sports socks (Style 36A and 57A) have a 3cm leg. And the cushion-sole sports socks (Styles 33A, 33B, 47A and 47B) have a 10 to 12 cm leg.